Dual Engine Art in Boston Gallery

What artist would turn down a second mind, a pair of extra hands, or a person who could stand by their side realizing and making manifest what they themselves were thinking? The Safarani sisters, identical twins Farzaneh and Bahareh, have just that.  Since the age of 13 they have been helping each other do art. … Continue reading

Art As A Spiritual Practice

I am an artist and yoga teacher. My yoga practice keeps my interior world polished, so, as the Upanishads say, as to be ready for lightening when it strikes. Yoga came to me to support the artist, because it was never a chicken or egg question. The artist in me existed long before the yogini. … Continue reading


Loved this book and you will too, especially if you have a connection to or friends & family  who lived in The Bronx. It is a delightful collection of memories from the northernmost borough of New York City: the Bronx, or the B-X as my hubby calls it. ( Note the word  “The” always precedes … Continue reading

Lose Weight Barley Soup

This Barley Soup is a good food for weight loss: 1) It fills you up; there’s a lot of density and bang for the calorie in barley. 2) When cooked, barley is a slippery, so it gives you a rich feel in your mouth and is very satisfying. Continue reading


Yams are high is potassium and low in sodium so eating them protects you from all kinds of unwanted imbalances, especially those that end up leading towards heart disease and osteoporosis; they’re good for women to eat when they feel a bit crazy before their periods. Continue reading


For dinner we’re building our own tacos.  For filling I’ll section a big tray with chopped avocado, black beans, steamed carrot, and chopped purple onion, cilantro, and tomato. The non-vegans will find shredded cheese on the tray.  I’ll put a big bowl of plain quinoa on the table as well as a jar of store-bought … Continue reading